Thomas Paisley Esq.

An Old Ghoul who Has Been With the Toreador Since the Beginning


Name: Thomas Paisley
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Judge
Demeanor: Curmudgeon
Concept: Old Ghoul, Lawyer, Accountant
Previous Domitor(s): Inez Ramos 9th Generation Toreador ,Edmund Blackavar 9th Generation Toreador, Deidre Sterling 12th Generation Toreador
Current Domitor: Aquielle Collette 5th Generation Toreador
Duties: Protection, Influence, Legal Aid, Administrator of the Toreador Ghouls
Type: Vassal

Apparent Age:52
DOB: 5-14-1843
Ghouled 1895
Hair: Salt and Pepper
Eyes: Blue
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Scottish
Height: 6’1"
Sex: Male


Thomas Paisley is the Toreador’s oldest ghoul. He originally belonged to Inez, now to Aquielle. Thomas was with Inez since Cuba. He is from Scotland and a barrister. He has taken the bar exam for Oregon, so he is able to cover the Toreador of Portland legally. He is also very knowledgeable about finances and investments, and is an expert in washing dirty money from ill-gotten gains by filtering it through the Toreador business network.

Thomas Paisley needs vitae to maintain his life as he is well over 100 years old. Thomas stays in the shadows and generally avoids everyone, except his current domitor Aquielle Collette to whom he is unfailingly loyal. Paisley has the ability to rain down financial ruin on Toreador enemies with his financial wizardry.

Thomas Paisley Esq.

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