Martin Kingston

Once the Boss of Therese at Liscense To Thrill; Now Therese is his Boss


Name: Martin Kingston
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Bon Vivant
Demeanor: Bravo
Concept: Strip Club Owner
Previous Domitor: Sophia Ayes 7th Gen Toreador
Domitor: Therese Marsee 8th Gen Toreador
Duties: Protection, Escort
Type: Vassal

Apparent Age: 38


Martin Kingston is about 46 years old, but he looks to be about 10 years younger-thanks in part to Therese’s vitae and previously Sophia Ayes, and also in part that he is making an effort to look younger than he is. Sophia met Martin before her embrace. Sophia worked at his club “License to Thrill.” It was a typical sleazy tacky strip joint in the time when Sophia danced there as a mortal.

After Sophia was Embraced and failed to win Annabelle and the other Toreador’s approval in Chicago she returned to the club to dance. She made vast improvements to the club There she met Martin again after being away for years. Martin was entranced by her beauty now that she was Kindred. That night she danced beautifully and Martin insisted on taking her out. When Sophia was mortal this would be a rare honor,but now it held little appeal for her now that she was in love with Annabelle, but she knew Martin would be a useful friend, so Sophia set about ghouling him.

After Sophia was destroyed by Thomas and diablerized which Martin witnessed, Martin fled Sophia’s apartment, and ran to Therese, Sophia’s childe and told her everything he witnessed. Therese swore revenge, and took Martin on as a ghoul. Martin feels very protective of Therese now and is jealous of any contact by nearly everyone. Martin has developed strong feelings for his Domitoress.

Martin Kingston

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