Lilly Maxwell

An Artiste with High Standards


Name:Lilly Maxwell
Chronicle:Portland By Night
Concept:Dark PArtiste
Sire Aquielle Colette


Lilly Maxwell was born in Portland to a middle class family. Lilly was an only child, and her parents had her when they were both in their 30’s, and well established in their careers. As a result Lilly was pampered and spoiled. She was given just about everything she wanted while a child.

Lilly manifested her artistic talents early, and excelled in poetry, painting, dance, and music. Her parents were delighted and lavished praise art supplies and sent her to art schools in Italy, France, England where she learned to hone her skills further and was exposed to the European masters. While in Europe, she encountered the photographic works of Edmund Blackavar and was inspired by him. She became obsessed with his work and the artist, and learned everything about him. She found out while still in Europe that he resided in Seattle,and when she was done with his undergraduate studies, she would look him up. When she returned from Europe, Lilly was thrilled to find out that Edmund Blackavar had relocated to Portland.

Lilly met Edmund whom she found fascinating. Edmund whose lover had recently met final death, thought Lilly young and beautiful. She reminded Edmund of Anais. Lilly also admired him for his work. What Lilly didn’t know was that Edmund was a vampire of the Toreador clan. Edmund set about ghouling her and letting her in on the secret of Kindred, more specifically the Toreador. He was very gratified by Lilly’s near-worship of him, and he was pleased that Lilly was multi-talented artist in her own right. Edmund continued her education with an eye on Embracing her into the clan.

After Edmund was destroyed by Justicar Guile for diablerie, Lilly was taken over by Deidre a childe of Edmund who kept her a ghoul. Deidre was a harsh task-mistress, and often made Lilly dance Lilly dance at the various Toreador held clubs or entertain certain VIPS for example the Internal Departmental lead investigator Joseph Simonson. Lilly did not particularly care for this sort of work, but she endured it, for she was completely addicted to vitae by this point. She had grown accustomed to Edmund’s more powerful vitae however. After Deidre met final death in Montreal, Lilly was given to Acquielle. Lilly was more knowledgeable of the Toreador than she was and she had to show Acquielle the ropes. Acquielle’s vitae was very powerful. Tyler the primogen of the toreador at the time instructed Acquielle to Embrace two. Acquielle first chose Onyx Miles her favorite servitor, and then a week later she Embraced Lilly.

Lilly was proud to be chosen and given the gift of immortality. Acquielle Embraced her gently, and the loss of Lilly’s life was not traumatic at all. Naturally when Lilly awoke the hunger consumed her,but with the guidance of both Acquielle and Tyler, Lilly first discovered the pleasure of sating her hunger as a kindred. Lilly is a spoiled beast -3 When Lilly does not receive the blood she requires, she is apt to fly into a frenzy. Lilly is very proud, indeed, to be a Toreador and an artiste. She is very vocal about it and she has earned the reputation of being uppity -2. Lilly is also very competitive and considers other artistes rivals to her.

Lilly has inherited the Cabaret Club from Tyler which she uses the basement as a haven of sorts. She also is known to stay in Lake Oswego at the Toreador communal haven there when things get tense in the city. She would also like to be the keeper of Elysium of the Portland Art Museum. Lilly like the most of the Toreador feed from their vast herds which they share communally. Like all the Toreador of Portland she is unaccustomed to hunting on the streets. Lilly’s motivations and goals are first and foremost to be a celebrated artiste. She wishes to be the prima donna in all the arts, and believes that despite Acquielle’s like of fetish clothing, she wants to set herself up as the matron of fine arts. She wishes to create immortal works of beauty.

Lilly Maxwell

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