Daniel Tanner

Primogen of the Nosferatu Clan and A New Arrival to Portland


Name: Daniel Tanner
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland at the End of All Things
Nature: Explorer
Demeanor: Pedagogue
Concept: New Nosferatu Primogen
Clan: Nosferatu
Generation: 9th
Sire: Jara Drory

Age: 108
Apparent Age: Difficult to say
Date of Birth: Ist January 1900
RIP: 10th June 1928
Eyes: Brown
Hair: None
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Mixed European
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 160
Sex Male


Daniel Tanner was born the first of January 1900, and was one of the first babies born on the new year of a new millennium. Daniel Tanner grew up in Vermont in a solidly middle class family. His father worked in the textile industry, and took Daniel along with him when he travelled to the deep south to option cotton crops. Daniel loved to travel. He was an inquisitive boy, and earned good grades at school. Ultimately, he decided to be a teacher himself.

While at university he met Christine Townsend and proposed marriage which would take place once she was finished with her degree. For a graduation present, Daniel was given an overseas trip to last six months, Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. Thereafter the plan was to get married to Christine, start a new job, and perhaps start a family. Everything was going Daniel Tanner’s way.

Daniel was underway and was going to catch a ship at Boston Harbor to begin his journey. There was a several hour delay. It was in the first class waiting room that Daniel Tanner’s life changed forever. Jara Drory used Mask of a Thousand faces to look like an extremely beautiful Eastern European woman, met Daniel Tanner there , and struck up a conversation with him> Jara asked Daniel many questions, and came to understand that Daniel was taking an extended trip to Europe and the Middle East.

As it turns out, the boat would be delayed getting into the harbor, so Jara invited Daniel for a drink at a nearby speakeasy. Daniel accepted the invitation as he was enjoying the conversation with the mysterious Yugoslavian woman, and she was very easy on the eyes. Jara led Daniel in to a dark alley where he was told the speakeasy was located. Suddenly Daniel saw a dark shape emerge from the shadows, and another of Jara’s childer held Daniel down while Jara took his life’s blood, and returned some of hers, Embracing Daniel. Daniel became a monster, and his life as he knew it was over. He could never return.. His first year as a Nosferatu was brutal-he underwent the change slowly and painfully. Daniel cut off all hope of contact with his family and fiancĂ©e. Daniel was Embraced for the purpose of becoming an operative in Warwick’s Web in New England. Daniel found the work distasteful.

Daniel has always been inquisitive, and volunteered for far flung operations in other cities. reporting back dutifully after sometimes months of no contact. Daniel was creating more and more trust with his superiors in himself and loyalty to The Web. It had been his plan to create more and more distance from Jara Drory and the center of Warwick’s web until he was able to disappear outside of New England altogether.

Daniel Tanner has spent the last fifty or sixty years travelling in Camarilla cities from coast to coast and sometimes, especially, in the beginning, overseas. Daniel was finally able to visit all the sites and countries he had planned to in his youth, but this time it was by night and in his undead state. He finally made his way to Portland Oregon. He is planning on making the city the base of his operations. One benefit of the city is that it is without any Nosferatu, including the Nosferatu connected to the Web.

Daniel understands that recently the former Nosferatu Prince’s brood was purged from the city, so Daniel knows the honor he is afforded by representing as Primogen any future Nosferatu. Maybe the Prince will permit him to create a childe. For now, Daniel is in service to the New Tremere Prince. He hopes by his example he can restore the Nosferatu clan to the Princes favor.

Image: Daniel is bald and extremely pale with skin like a white earthworm ribbed and creviced with long talon-like fingers. He is more creepy than frightening. At Elysium he puts on the mask of a thousand Faces of what he once looked like.

Role-play: Daniel is always formal and would not dream of addressing anyone by their first name besides perhaps his ghoul and only on certain occasions. He is unfailingly polite. Daniel also possesses a certain amount of gravitas in every and all social situations, despite the so-called lowness of his clan.

Daniel Tanner

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