Corrinda Thayer

A Melancholy Poetess


Name: Corrinda Thayer
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Martyr
Demeanor: Autist
Concept: Poetess
Clan: Toreador
Sire: Dante

Apparent Age:15
Date of Birth: 7.15.1978
RIP: 5-28-1993
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: Caucasian/ Hispanic
Nationality: Irish, Mexican, Native
Sex: Female


Corrinda’s life was never easy. Since she was a very young girl, she felt that she was not meant to be with the family she was born into, nor the life she was given. A mistake happened somewhere. Her mother was a hopeless drunk, and her father she never knew. He left before her first birthday. Her mother had horrible judgement of men-a trend which would continue while Corrinda was alive.

Her mother was very pretty, but the years of hard drinking and rough living had tarnished her beauty. With each man who paraded through her life treated her no better nor worse than Corrinda’s father-at first the relationships began with love and affection, but it would eventually always end up the same-the arguments, the screaming then came the hitting and the drunken brawls with the terrible hangovers and bruises.

Corrinda learned to escape with books, or to simply leave the situation, hitch-hiking to the nearest secondhand bookstore where she would pour over poetry books, short stories, great literature , trashy novels- she would read everything she could get her hands on and began to write poetry of her own, filling up notebook after notebook, expressing her loneliness, and inner pain. Corrinda found a particular book entitled The Scarlet Letters. From what she could make of it; it was a series of poems about a secret society of vampires who called themselves Kindred. Corrinda became obsessed with the book and memorized many of the poems in it, and wrote some verse in imitation of it. In Homing, there was no where for her to read her poems. She quit going to school, and what was worse she began to inherit her mother’s good looks, and it drew the unwanted attentions of her mother’s boyfriend. He began trying to touch her whenever her mother was away and she was left alone with him. One night when he was very drunk, he came into her room and forced himself on her. When Corrinda tried to fight back he punched her in the eye and raped her. Corrinda was no longer a virgin

Corrinda ran away and began to hitch-hike south. It took her the night and most of the day to reach San Francisco. Corrinda found herself near the Tenderloin, and came upon the Cafe Prague. A sign read Open Mike Poetry Reading-9pm ?? Corrinda decided to go in and get a coffee with her last five dollars. It didn’t matter she wouldn’t be needing money soon. To Corrinda this was her last night on earth. She was working up nerve and deciding on the method of her demise, but before she died she wanted someone-anyone to hear her poems besides herself.

In the cafe, Corrinda ordered an espresso. A dark haired man with large dark eyes-Italian approached her. He asked Corrinda if she was going to read tonight. She replied, she wasn’t sure-But the dark haired man encouraged her to do so. She had nothing to lose. Corrinda was very nervous,but she got on stage and began to read in a shaking voice. Then the crowd seemed to disappear to her, and she read with power, passion and intensity which were in the words. When Corrinda finished, she received thunderous applause.

The dark haired man rushed to the stage and insisted he shake Corrinda’s hand. When he touched her, Corrinda had a strange feeling, but she didn’t know what it was. He introduced himself as Dante. He praised her poetry, and said that he was an expert critic. Corrinda glowed with happiness. It was something she had not felt in a very very long time. She felt vindicated and quoted a passage from from the book The Scarlet Letters. Dante stopped short, and demanded to know where she had heard those words. Corrinda sensed his intensity and looked at him closely. She gulped and it suddenly came to her that Dante was something else… She took her battered and well read copy of the Scarlet Letters from the pocket of her backpack. Dante hissed when he saw it and exclaimed, By the blood! I thought these were all destroyed. Corrinda discovered that it was Dante himself who wrote the book. It all made sense and she knew that Dante was one of the Kindred he wrote about.

Dante escorted Corrinda to an old wine cellar which was his haven. They spoke to one another-Corrinda had a thousand questions for Dante about the Kindred. Dante answered some of her questions, but he was interested in her life, and what he found out appalled him. Corrinda admitted that she had been raped and beaten regularly and she intended to kill herself. Dante told her she was being melodramatic and reassured her that with time things would get better. Corrinda wished she could be a Kindred of the Toreador clan-Dante refused, and told her she didn’t know what she was asking of him. But Corrinda did know, and she wanted to die. Suddenly she picked up an empty bottle and broke it and jammed the broken bottle into her jugular.

Dante stood shocked and stunned as he watched the life drain out of her. He gasped when she raised a bloody hand and wrote Die with me. It was the last thing she would write as a mortal. Dante realizing that she truly an artist stood over her and opened his wrist, and fed her his vitae. He thought he might be too late, but then she stirred opened her eyes-she smiled and began to drink deeply. Dante knew he was in trouble.

Corrinda is a slender petite girl of 15. She never had the chance to develop completely, but the first hints of womanhoodare evident. She has thick wavy black hair and large brown eyes which almost look doe-like. Corrinda cultivates the goth look to the extreme, wearing black lace Victorian dresses snd she smokes clove cigarettes to enhance her masquerade. Corrinda is grateful that Dante saved her from death, and knows she must be secretive and silent about her existence. She has become very good at masquerading as a pale goth mortal. Corrinda is in love with Dante despite being only one step bound to him. Corrinda would do anything for Dante. Dante loves her as well and loves her dark brooding poetry.

Corrinda was never presented to Prince Sebastian, and Dante was worried about doing so as the Embrace was not authorized. They could very well meet final death as a result,so Dante had Corrinda smuggled out of San Francisco to Portland. The separation has been difficult and very painful to both of them, but their correspondence is very regular and full of passion. Corrinda is the low kindred on the Toreador totem pole,but at least she is protected. She has gained influence in Portland’s Zine milieu, and has bought the Reading Frenzy and The Reading Frenzy Workshop on the upper floor of the store where many of Portland’s underground Zines are created. Corrinda is working on a second volume of poetry.

Corrinda Thayer

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