Cassandra Kelly

Dancer and Ghoul of Aquielle-Her Boss Made Her an Offer She Couldn't Refuse


Name:Cassandra Kelly
Chronicle:Portland By Night
Demeanor:Bon Vivant
Domitor: Aquielle Collette
Duties: Protection, Daytime Errands, Herd Management at Union Jacks, Blood Supply
Concept:Blood Doll turned ghoul

Apparent Age: 30’s
Ghouled: December 2007
DOB: 9-6-1976
Sex: Female


Cassandra was just about on her way out of the dancing life-She was 32,still undeniably hot,but not quite as limber as the younger girls and way beyond the drama at strip clubs. The first hint of crows feet on the eyes indicated to her she was just about done Cassi was ready to settle down-she had a boyfriend with whom she was ready to move in and see what sort of life they could have together. Maybe they could have kids….Her clock was ticking

That was the plan anyway, until she was summoned to the sub-basement of Union Jacks beyond the vault doors in the dancer’s dressing room. Only the most special of girls were summoned there. Some were promoted, made rich overnight or celebries,some would become special companions,others disappeared never to be seen again. Cassandra reported to the sub basement office and was offered a job to work where her boss had some interests- Cassandra was offered a considrable bonus.

Cassandra or Sassy-Cassy as she is called around the club could not give out any details to her new boyfriend who deduced she must be hooking or doing porn films-He broke up with her. Oh well, She is well paid-very well paid for allowing kindred to feed from her. That being fed from gives her immense pleasure is just icing on the cake.

Cassandra Kelly

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