Aquielle Colette

A Neonate Embraced By A Methusala


Name: Aquielle Collette
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Concept: Neonate Embraced By a Methuselah
Sire: Helena

Apparent Age:23-(ghouled 2003)
Date of Birth:3.2.1980
RIP: 12.17.2007
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: French-Canadian
Weight: 130
Sex: Female
Ghouled: 2003


Aquielle Collette was born in Montreal to a very well-off family. Her father was a self-made millionaire who made it big in electronics and later invested heavily in the internet. Her mother was a beautiful debutante related to the billionaire Irving Brothers of Canada, The two had a whirlwind romance and were married in 1979. Aquielle then known as Juliette Marie came into the world in March of 1980. As a child little was denied to Juliette. She went to the finest private parochial schools, and was a bright student,but did not distinguish herself academically. Juliette was, however, an extremely beautiful child who took after her mother. She was blonde with green eyes and developed rather early. By the time she was fourteen, she was already turning heads.

Juliette was interested in fashion and design. She decided by the time she was 17, she would go to New York, and study at a reputable art and fashion school. At 18 years old, she became a sensation in New York. Upon her entrance, much was made of her beauty and sublime voluptuousness. She became a top model, modeling lingerie and other popular clothing lines. Offers were made for her to star in porno productions or to become an exotic dancer , but she didn’t want to be considered cheap, so instead She modeled for artists, and almost caused a riot when it was heard that a nude was being created by a famous contemporary artist-people mobbed his studio. She was called by some the Marilyn Monroe of the millennia. It was around this time that Juliette changed her name to Aquielle.

Mariana was a Toreador searching for images and inspiration and encountered Acquielle when the nude was being created. She had to see what all the fuss was about. She fell in love at first sight with Acquielle. In fact, she became entranced by her figure and luminosity. As the session ended, Marianna managed to shake her reverie and approach Acquielle, using presence she asked the young woman if she would model for her one day. Naturally Acquielle agreed.

Acquielle slowly fell in love with Mariana over time and it wasn’t just Mariana’s presence which caused her to do so either. She regarded Mariana as a wise mentor even though she didn’t seem much older than Aquielle, and Acquielle found Mariana striking and intense. It wasn’t long thereafter that the two became lovers. Mariana told Aquielle what she was, and it all began to make sense; all the things Aquielle found strange about Mariana, like only seeing Mariana at night, and how pale she was or how she rarely blinked. . Their relationship evolved into a mistress /slave relationship which Aquielle enjoyed immensely. Aquielle had a thousand questions about vampires and their society and Mariana answered all that she could. Aquielle submitted to the blood bond after living with Mariana for a year. Eventually Aquielle became well known in Kindred circles. Mariana began to lend Aquielle out for favors. Aquielle had the ability to arouse even the most jaded and inhuman of vampires.

It was shortly after Aquielle was ghouled that Mariana became fascinated with the new medium of computer art, capturing light Mariana called it. She did a series of portraits which turned out much better than anticipated. Mariana decided that she would submit this new and exciting work to the Toreador Fete des Arts which in 2007 took place in Portland Oregon. Naturally Mariana took her ghouled lover to the event.

At the event there were many Toreador including many Toreador luminaries such as Hans Vroenick from Berlin, Louis Detonas from Milwaukie, Annabelle Triabelle, from Chicago, Prince Sebastian Melmouth from San Francisco, and Helena also known as Portia also from Chicago and her companion Eletria among others. Portia now known again as Helena was a Methuselah from ancient Greece who had dwelt in Chicago since the city’s beginning had recently awoken from a long torpor. Helena developed a thirst for vampiric vitae-Methuselah’s thirst. She saw that Mariana had no connections in Portland and being a reclusive artist had few connections in New York either. Helena decided that she woud taste the vitae of Mariana, and begin her line on the west coast by Embracing her pretty ghoul Aquielle whose beauty Helena noticed right away.

On the third night of the festival, Helena decided to act. She summoned Mariana to a vacant lot, using her presence. Naturally Aquielle accompanied Mariana. She first dominated Aquielle to sleep. She took a good portion of Mariana’s vitae,and then drank Aquielle dry, giving her back only enough to Embrace her. It is Aquielle’s dark secret that she began her existence as kindred by diablerizing her former Mistress and lover, taking every remaining drop and then her soul. Helena watched from the darkness, but Aquielle was in the midst of a sanguinary frenzy, and was losing control even after she reduced Mariana to dust.. She was also wracked with immense guilt which haunts her to this night With but a look and a word Helena calmed Aquielle, and guided her to Union Jacks where the Toreador of Portland domain lies. There she met Tyler Murray the Primogen of the clan and Deidre Sterling. The two have no recollection of Helena at all, but they were compelled to help the poor confused fledgling who appeared at their door.

Deidre and Tyler were also compelled to keep Aquielle’s existence a secret which they did for three months. They realized that she was a vampire of very low generation with the potential to become very powerful indeed.They kept her at different hotels and at Union Jacks when they could get away with it. Eventually she was introduced to the other Toreador and made her debut officially, being presented late February of 2008. Aquielle being the favorite of her domitor Mariana was already very familiar with the Toreador clan. She quickly learned the Toreador ways.

Aquielle made and inherited many of the Toreador ghouls, especially after Deidre left Portland and disappeared presumably destroyed by the Sabbat of Montreal. In the meantime a Sabbat crusade was launched in Portland and raged for several moths. In the interim, The Prince was destroyed. In the chaos of the crusade Tyler saw an opportunity and instructed Aquielle to Embrace two childer, the first was an existing Toreador ghoul and promising artist,Lilly Maxwell, and the second Onyx Miles, a young woman Aquielle took a fancy to who reminded Aquielle of Mariana. The purpose of this was to strengthen the clan for the future. Aquielle is not the clan leader, and does not wish to be, but she is confident that she could be if she chose to be, instead Aquielle used her leverage to be elected as Harpy.

Image: Aquielle is a true beauty. She almost glows with health and vitality.. (Blush of health+2). She has blonde hair which reaches her mid-back. She is impossibly curvaceous and sexy which even causes even the most jaded elder kindred to dream…..She has been called a modern day Marilyn Monroe. She has sparkling green eyes and very red lips. Victoria Ash has some serious competition with Aquielle Collette.

Roleplaying Hints: You put up a brave front, but you are a bundle of insecurities-You strive to be known as an artiste; however the preview of your lingerie line was deemed very erotic, but hardly art. Aquielle was devastated. At present, she is at an impasse-does she try to pursue fully the poseur role and play the political game, or reinvent herself as an artiste in some other medium? She hasn’t confidence in either path, but she does a good job in not revealing her insecurity-perhaps she should become an actress?

Influence: Aquielle along with the new Primogen Therese Marsee has influence in the sex industry of Portland, primarily with the many strip clubs all over the city this provides blood for the clan and thiose kindred who pay her. She has also befriended, through her childe Onyx Miles organizers of the campaign for Samuel Adams the gay candidate and she has become a major contributor to his campaign. He has just won the election and will take office in January of 2009. This should prove very lucrative for Aquielle.

Aquielle Colette

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