Victoria Blaine

A University Student With Natural Magical Talent


Name: Victoria Blaine
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Loner
Demeanor: Conformist
Concept: Gifted Student
Sire: Natasha Rusanova
Clan: Tremere Initiate of the First Circle

Apparent Age: early 20,‘s
Date of Birth: 6.25.1979
RIP: 5-2002
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Blue
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: English/German
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 135


Appearance: 5 foot 4 inches. Long chestnut hair framing a heartshaped face. A pair of round glasses resting on a small nose. Her skin is as pale as it was in life, from lack of sunlight as much as from being undead. A large sweater and loose jeans hide her form which she wears at her shop; though in recent nights she has stepped up her wardrobe somewhat.. Hands shoved into her pockets, she seems to shrink in on herself, wanting to be unseen and left alone.

Victoria is shy, preferring to stay out of the spotlight and in the shadows. She is a follower, willing to go along with the group and help however she can. One of the few things that makes her angry is ignorance and stupidity. Her preferred method of feeding is to simply find someone too stupid to live, and dominate them. When she is nervous, she taps her fingers together or on her forehead. She also does this when she is deep in thought. With no ambitions of her own, she is easily labeled as harmless, though she carries a pair of pistols for protection.

Background: As a child, Victoria was always sure that there were things out there in the dark. That man who smiled at her had red eyes. That woman walking down the street had a strange chill about her. Nobody believe her about the horribly scarred man with the fangs.

As she got older, she began looking into the occult. She got a university to pay for her research and investigation. She studied books, newspapers, rumors. Victoria began to find patterns, truths behind the legends. She would stay in the college library, avoiding human contact while throwing herself into her studies. When people in her home town began to suffer from anemia, she knew she had something. She was so close to finding out the truth.

One night, she got a call. A “visiting professor” wanted to speak to her about her findings. She wanted to help her. Victoria found herself entranced by the Bulgarian professor Rusenova, spilling everything she had discovered. The professor congratulated her on her findings, and said she was impressed. From that night, whenever Victoria was certain she had something, she would report her findings. Little did she know that the professor was one of the creatures of the night she was investigating.

At first Natasha Rusenova had been sent by Vienna to kill her. However, she was impressed by her intelligence and investigative skills, she Embraced her. So, one night, when Victoria was working late, she took her, and made Victoria her Childer. There was a fire that night at the college library, and some poor student was found dead with Victoria’s ID, burnt beyond all recognition.

Her life did not change much with her Embrace. Her Sire, now Prince, transferred her to Portland and found good use for her investigative powers, putting her to work on dusty old tomes in her library. She learned from her sire and those tomes, till finally, she knew enough to live among vampire society on her own. Cashing out her hidden accounts, she bought a storefront and named it Dusk to Dawn Occult Shoppe

She now owns the Dusk to Dawn used bookstore. Among the fake spell books sold to those who labeled themselves goths, she would occasionally come across something of actual value. That book would be taken to the basement, to be included in her private library. The library is her little sanctuary, a place where no one is allowed. There, she would pour over the tomes for any new insight.

Victoria lives in the apartment upstairs, in a room with the windows painted over. In order to watch over her and run the shop during the day, Victoria hired a young asian-american named Alex Watanabe. Alex tended to show up at work in cosplay outfits, usually variants of a maid uniform. In order to insure her loyalty, Victoria turned Alex into a ghoul. Unfortunately, she did not count on Alex becoming enamored with her new mistress, desperate for her affection. Enough to hurt anyone else who would draw Victoria’s attention away from her.

Victoria Blaine

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