Stalest Coursain

A Ventrue whose Bid For Princedom of Vacncouver British Columbia Failed



Name: Stalest Coursain
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland: At the End of All Things
Nature: Plotter
Demeanor: Traditionalist
Clan: Ventrue
Generation: 7th
Sire: Unknown

Age: 1,478 DOB: August !st 530
Apparent Age:22
Embrace: 552
RIP: 12-21-552
Hair: Amber
Eyes: Green
Race: Caucasian
Nationality:: Northern Italian
Height: 5’1
Weight: 95
Sex Female


Where Stalest Coursain came from and where she has spent her 1500 year existence is a mystery to all, including perhaps Stalest herself. She has undergone several periods of torpor in her long years. One thing is for sure-she has always been a plotter hungry for power. This is what led her to Vancouver British Columbia some fifty years ago. After a failed coup in the city of Genoa, she underwent a 138 year torpor and fled Genoa and re-emerged in Vancouver to the safety of the City of Refuge. She quickly came to hunger for the power and influence and reputation that Siegfried enjoyed.

Again Stalest made an attempt to take Vancouver, using the volatile werewolves, but this coup was also unsuccessful as the lupine proved more difficult to control than she anticipated, and once Stalest and her minions’ treachery was discovered, she escaped to the city of Portland Oregon with her blood bound Childe Neil Phillips and the blood bound Brujah primogen, Kyle Forbensen. With every failure Stalest learns more and more, and is refining her methods. Stalest Coursain now has her sights on the city of Portland and is already plotting.

Image: Stalest is a beautiful young woman, usually wearing a loose fitting silk dress. Her shoulder length hair red hair is complemented by her striking green eyes and her engaging smile. She is quite a sight to behold.

Role play: Stalest doesn’t think she is better than everyone else; she knows she is. It has taken hundreds of years of careful planning and studying to get where she is in vampire society, and she isn’t about to let anyone get in her way. She is invariably charming and friendly, offering her help if any need it-after all Stalest is new to the city, and Stalest has come to know the importance of creating relationships, yet all the while there is a part of her evaluating their power, analyzing their potential and influence, deciding how she might best use them to her ultimate advantage.

Haven: Being a Ventrue of some standing and wealth, Stalest owns a Victorian mansion on 626 SE 16th that she is buying after liquidating her properties in Vancouver British Columbia.. Her haven is guarded by ghouls who are also her domestic staff. All three are very old as they have been with Stalest for many years now. At night she can usually be found at Elysium. She has petitioned the Prince for a position as Harpy since the last two vacated the position due to final death.

Influence:Stalest had developed considerable influence in Vancouver B.C., but finds her self having to start over to some degree in Portland. If her request for the office of Harpy is accepted that will be significant in the amount of influence she wields. For now she is gaining control of radical political and environmental groups at Portland State University. She allows these groups to hold receptions and meetings at her mansion and contributes funds to them.

Stalest Coursain

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