Sonya O'Brien-Murray

Ghouled Wife of the Former Toreador Primogen Who Inherited His Fortune and His Addiction to Vitae


Name: Sonia O’Brien-Murray
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Gallant
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Concept: Rich Heiress
Former Domitor(s): Tyler Murray 10th Gen Toreador (Disappeared presumed dead)
Domitor: Therese Marsee
Duties: Herd Administrator (Owner of Melody Ballroom)
Type: Vassal

Apparent Age:20
Year Ghouled:1996
Date of Birth: 3-17-1976
Hair: Red
Eyes: Light Green
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Irish
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 138
Sex: Female


Sonia O’Brien-Murray was a rich debutante in Spokane Washington, and was married to the Toreador Primogen of Spokane, Tyler Murrray. Tyler was fabulously rich, wooed Sonia at the usual high society function at a country club. Sonia’s family was very rich, and she was looking to continue her life of leisure and comfort.

During the courtship Tyler and Sonia became quite close despite the apparent age difference. Tyler inquired whether children would be important to her, and she said that if the truth be known she would rather not have children at all, and that the rest of the family had enough progeny to keep the O’Brien family viable for some time to come-in fact, she loathed children, and would rather keep her figure, and remain attractive.

Tyler proposed to Sonia while she was at the tender age of 20, and promised her riches, and a life of leisure and pleasure. She accepted enthusiastically. It was at this point that that Tyler revealed what he was, and told her the benefits and drawbacks of becoming a ghoul. She was gratified to understand that with vampiric vitae all aging ceased. She happily drank from Tyler and it became a way the couple to consummate the union. Naturally she kept silent about Tyler’s true nature.

Tyler and Sonia became the power couple of Spokane, attending all the major cultural events and donating generously to various charities along with hobnobbing with the rich and famous. Tyler requested of the Prince to Embrace Sonia, but the request was denied. It was shortly afterward that Spokane fell to the Sabbat and the Prince betrayed the Camarilla. Tyler and Sonia fled to Portland as refugees and set themselves up in Portland with Tyler taking the title of Primogen of the Portland Toreadors; however the appointment would not last.

Tyler received word that the Sabbat had pulled out of Spokane and Tyler who had a lot of resources and contacts at Spokane returned ostensibly to regain what he had lost and reestablish contacts etc. No word has been heard from him since. Sonia desperate after a while without vitae begged Therese Marsee to take her on. Therese was, at first, reluctant, but when she investigated how much the young heiress was worth, she happily agreed to the arrangement. Sonia has been very helpful buying the Toreador clan the Melody Ballroom, plus a mansion in West Linn which is the Toreador alternate haven outside the city.

Sonia’s life of leisure is at present at an end. She is kept very busy indeed coordinating the Toreador herd, and promoting the “club” to increase the herd, and to keep the existing herd in line. Sonia is very good at her job and socially adroit. Sonia lives at the mansion in West Linn.

Image: Sonia is quite beautiful with straight red hair, and green, almost golden eyes.. She is willowy and slender. She could very well become a model with her good looks and bearing.

Roleplaying: You are truly a social butterfly, and try to introduce herself to everyone. Sonia is deferential to vampires, especially to her new domitor Therese Marsee-the Primogen of Portland’s Toreador. As for mortals-the Toreador herd at The Melody Ballroom, she is a harsh task-mistress.

Sonya O'Brien-Murray

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