Paul Avery

Accidentally Embraced by Kathleen Dougal


Name: Paul Avery
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Perfectionist
Demeanor: Traditionalist
Concept: Mistaken Embrace
Clan: Ventrue
Sire: Kathleen Dougal (Deceased)

Apparent Age:22
DOB 1-15-1986
Hair: Blonde (usually dyed)
Eyes: Blue
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: European Mix
Sex: Male


Paul recites by rote “I am Paul Avery Childe of Kathleen Dougal, Childe of Matthew Flattery, Childe of Beatrice D’ Anjou, Childe of Victoire De Maurais, Childe of Nastaio Childe of Henri Beaucaire, Childe of Lantla sometimes called Tiamat, Childe of Veddartha Childe of Urlon, Childe of Caine.”

Paul Avery has always felt like a mistake. He was the only child of John and Linda Avery. His father was enlisted in the US army as a soldier at Fort Bragg, and his mother his off-base girl friend. When she became pregnant, John Avery did the right thing by her and married her. The marriage held, but Paul was certain that the two wouldn’t have gotten married if it weren’t for him. Paul always felt deep in his heart, he had prevented his parents from their true potential and happiness. He felt like an imposition. Paul did his very best to please. He was a model child and received near perfect grades. He would berate himself whenever he didn’t perform perfectly.

In high school, he became interested in music, and made it a study. He tried to play music himself, but he didn’t possess the talent , but he discovered that he could put music together, and his knowledge and memory of music helped become the DJ he is. Paul became known as DJ St. Paul-He worked at fellow students’ parties, and became very popular. He started trying his hand at clubs playing his Dark Trance Mixes and became a regular fixture at Club Nocturne on 16th and Burnside and Club Oubliette on Grand Ave.

The fact that Paul is actually a blonde and handsome was the reason he was Embraced albeit accidentally. Doctor Benton owed the Harpy Kathleen Dougal a boon and she wanted Dr Benton to bring her a blond handsome male which was her particular feeding restriction. Though his hair was dyed, he qualified. It was unfortunate that Kathleen was grievously injured when the Sabbat had attacked Elysium, and as a result very hungry indeed. She frenzied and drained Paul. Instead of simply killing him. Kathleen Dougal’s high humanity made her feed her vitae back to him in an attempt to save his life, but ended up Embracing him instead. Kathleen had done this without authorization and was forced to hide Paul at the Ventrue compound.

Fortunately a short time later an edict went out that each clan was permitted to Embrace a fledgling due to continual Sabbat attacks. Paul was officially presented thereafter, but Kathleen owes a significant boon to Genevieve. Paul is now a believer of the supernatural, and he wants to learn as much as he can about Kindred and learn more if he can. The Ventrue compound is a good place for Paul to come to understand Clan Ventrue. It is filled with tomes, histories and lineages of the venerable and important clan. Paul discovered that he may only feed on females whom haven’t eaten in more than 12 hours. It was a painful process of trial and error. Naturally Kathleen helped him discover this.

Slowly Kathleen allowed Paul to meet others and to introduce him to Kindred of the city. As Kathleen was a minor harpy this wasn’t so difficult for her. Paul wished to venture away from the stuffy confines of the Ventrue compound and go back to being a DJ. Kathleen suggested that with his talent he could perhaps make his own record company and feature the kind of bands he likes and the music he likes with the added bonus of being able to get his music out to a wider audience plus the Ventrue could perhaps gain some influence in the music scene which has been heretofore solely the domain of the Toreador.

Paul is always very polite-somewhat shy. He is proud of what he has come to know about his clan and if allowed to speak, he will go into great detail as to what he knows both about music and Clan Ventrue not necessarily to impress, but simply to make friends and acquaintances. He is, at present, somewhat naive about how kindred are in terms of the prestaion game but having had Kathleen as a Sire has been a great advantage. His nature is perfectionist and his demeanor Traditionalist.

Update:Since Kathleen’s murder Paul feels a bit lost. Beatrice and Genevieve. are gone also for that matter. Fortunately Emily Carter has taken over the compound. Paul tries to make himself useful there, and acts as body guard to his Primogen; though she is quite well-staffed in that department……Still he notices that Emily seems distracted, harried and erratic. Paul wonders what is wrong with her?

Paul Avery

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