Pamela Ford

A Mentor of the Nest as She Has Begun Her Descent Down the Path of Evil Revelations


Name: Pamela Ford
Player: N.P.C.
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Director
Demeanor: Architect
Concept: Sabbat Agent
Clan: Lasombra
Generation: 10th up from 11th via diablerie
Sire: Melia Lopez
Haven: The Nest

Apparent Age:27
Date of Birth: 8-12-2008
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Black
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: English/Black Irish
Height: 5’3"


Pamela Ford was always bright and a bit of a tomboy. She did well in college, receiving honors on graduation. She had no trouble landing herself a good job with an information network company. With her driving ambition,her intelligence,and her great beauty,it did not take long for her to secure a vice-presidency of the company. However sex and treachery had more to do with her climb than did her ability and dedication.

One night while catching up on reports due the following day, Pamela received an unwelcome visitor to her office. The beautiful woman in black told Pamela that she had been selected for a once-in-a-lifetime position. Pamela went with the woman-She could hardly resist once Pamela met the mysterious woman’s eyes, and became a new recruit of the Sabbat. Her first mission was against a Giovanni accused of destroying a fellow Sabbat Nosferatu. They were successful in bringing the Giovanni down, but Pamela was the only recruit to return. Shortly thereafter she became true Sabbat. She set her sights on becoming a Pack Leader, but life in the pack and the pack mentality didn’t appeal to her. She enjoyed the power she now possessed, but she wanted power as an individual not to prop up the pack ductus and he in turn prop up the bishop’s power etc.

A Sabbat Thaumaturge clued her into a shortcut to this power via communication and bargaining with Demons. Pamela began following the Path of Evil Revelations. She knows such paths are anathema to the Sabbat, so she kept it from her Packmates whom she later betrayed to the Camarilla with little hesitation. In the shuffle of Portland politics she has been neglected and forgotten. She knows that it is time to pay Her Dark Mistress and summon Her to this plane. She hopes to be rewarded still further by Her

Pamela Ford

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