Natascha Rusenova

A Tremere Elder From Eastern Europe and the Prince of Portland


Name:Natascha Rusenova
Chronicle:Portland By Night
Generation:8th up from 9th via Diablery
Sire:Ivan Irontree
Haven:Mansion on Hawthorne Ave.

Apparent Age:25
Hair:Dark Brown


Natasha grew up in a mountainous region of eastern Europe on the front lines of the Tremere’s war with the Fiends. Her village was always quiet never having more than the infrequent passing of a traveling merchant. One evening her entire peaceful world was turned upside as the village was suddenly filled with what could only be described as monsters. Natasha hid as the Fiend claimed his “rights of lordship,” draining her father dry as his twisted ghouls raped and murdered Natasha’s mother. Though her family was some of the first casualties, many of the horrors she witnessed being dealt to her fellow villagers were far worse. Her weeping eventually attracted the attention of a schlatza. As the creature reached out to claim its prize it erupted in blood, which flew to a cloaked man walking out from the forest. As the man approached so did the trees! An uprooted tree crushed another ghoul with a massive branch. The other ghouls fled as the startled Fiend boiled and burst into flames from the inside out.

The stranger approached Natasha an apologized that he had taken any chance for vengeance against the specific monsters who had stolen her family. However, he promised that he could show her a world of wonders and give her the power to fight monsters like the ones who destroyed her village. That very night, at the age of 11 Natasha swore herself to Clan Tremere. Her training in the Ceorsis chantry was intense. She learned sword play and tracking during the day with the clan’s mortal servitors. In the evening she learned to read and write in multiple languages allowing her to delve deeply into the occult. When she reached adulthood she began learning some basics that would grow into the incredibly practiced hand in thaumaturgy she is.

When she was ready, her rescuer turned mentor embraced her into the clan. Within the year , she began hunting the enemies of the Tremere. At first she was battling the Fiends in her home country. She distinguished herself to her superiors that she was tasked with locating a warren of Nosferatu who were aiding a local voivode. Natasha led the sortie into their lair herself, personally slaying the brood’s leader and taking his heart’s blood as her own. The feeling was unimaginable, stirring a joy in her dead heart she lost that night years prior in the foothills of the Carpathians. With her newly increased powers Natasha became a terror to her enemies and a rising star in the young, war torn clan. As the years wore on the fighting became a battle of espionage and politics as much as a physical war, causing Natasha’s star to wane.

Natasha’s research had never been her strong suit, nor her ability to play the politics of a chantry to her advantage at that time. Before long she was an elder and still an apprentice with few prospects for advancement as her duties constantly took her into the field. When Meerlinda was placed in charge of North America Natasha volunteered to move to the frontiers of the new world. Natasha gained a reputation as a problem solver, operating all along the east coast rather than a particular chantry. She became more adept in politics As she watched America grow and grow, the east coast became more civilized, but Natasha’s duties pushed her further and further west. Natasha received an important assignment from Vienna.

Natasha began tracking a monstrous gargoyle that had thrown off the yoke of the Tremere in the old world and smuggled itself to the new. She tracked the beast from Philadelphia, through Werewolf country and finally into St. Louis in 1868. The city had recently been taken over by a Camarilla aligned Ventrue who used the hostilities of the Camp Jackson Affair to seize control of the city from a minor Sabbat presence. The Prince eagerly welcomed Natasha to St. Louis, recognizing her as a potential ally. She was startled to realize that despite apparent competence, that the Prince was glaringly ignorant of the gargoyle’s presence in the city. However, she soon realized that the creature was a more clever opponent than she first realized.

Natasha hunted for the beast’s lair for close to two months, with hardly a trace. She learned the reason one evening in a tavern while hunting. A trapper had come upon a strange stone statue in the woods. It was near a creek he often visited, but he had never seen the mysterious statuary before. Natasha realized that somehow the beast was hiding , using its flight to change its location as much as possible. It took Natasha weeks to dominate and pay enough woodsmen and trappers to locate the beast . When it awoke, its first sight was of flames.

It took all of Natasha’s martial prowess, magical might, and the lives of her hirelings to fight the beast. Though her hirelings served as little more than a first wave against the beast, their battle raged the better part of the evening. Wounded, Natasha eventually brought the beast down with help of an enchanted stake. Paralyzed and at her mercy she was about to dispatch the loathsome creature Natasha made a discovery: the beasts ability to withstand fire seemingly was the product of a powerful discipline, and perhaps blood potent enough to bring Natasha closer to the first. A dark stirring welled up in her; a thirst from earlier days in the Nosferatu warrens and a desire for power. However, the years had changed the rules and diablerie would not be tolerated. Instead she used a ritual forbidden by some which would give her the strengths and abilities of her captive gargoyle.

Natasha contacted her superiors and told them the beast was destroyed, but in reality hid its torpid form in the city. For a reward Natasha was granted her own regency and the power to construct a chantry in Saint Louis. Since that time she has worked closely with the Prince in developing the city, being instrumental in bringing the 1901 World’s Fair and carefully tending Monsanto’s growth.

Over the years the Chantry has grown steadily under Natasha’s tutelage. She leaves much of the nightly operations to her senior apprentice, but takes decisive action when necessary. The chantry is kept on a seemingly military footing, as there are always threats from Lupines and the growing Sabbat menace. However, Natasha typically leaves her subordinates to their research unless she has specific tasks for them. This frees her up for her own research and motives including attempts to create a ritual that will hide diablerie from the watchful eyes of her colleagues.

Natasha has been transferred to Portland to make her bid as regent and Prince of the city. Natasha’s goal is lofty-She wants to be the Lady of the Northwest and in order for her to do this she needs control of a major Camarilla City. She has bet all she has on this gambit and has resigned her post in St. Louis to her senior apprentice.

Natascha Rusenova

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