Mohmar Aziz

It Wasn't Fair of His Fare to Damn Him


Name: Mohmar Aziz
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Martyr
Demeanor: Traditionalist
Concept: Syrian Cabbie
Clan: Brujah
Sire: Rev. Sean Thomas (Destroyed)

Apparent Age:38
Age; 38 3-28-1970
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: Black
Race: Middle-Eastern
Nationality: Syrian
Weight:185 lbs


Mohmar Aziz is 38 years old Syrian refugee who fled Syria during the Assad crackdown on the Suni malcontents. Mohmar was not part of the demonstrations to oust Assad,but he witnessed enough violence to last a life time. Many of his family and friends,however took part in the street fighting. Mohmar fled to the US with his then pregnant wife in 1996. His first child and daughter Asla was born later that year on American soil.

They were granted political asylum, and Mohmar was issued his green card. He had his second child Ali Ahmed in 2000. Mohmar came to the Us with a degree in City Engineering, but was unable to get a job in his field, and was forced to get a job as a cab driver. He eventually made his way to Portland, and became a part of the small Muslim community there. Mohmar and his family are devout Muslims, and heavily involved with the local mosque.

Aziz has spent the last 12 years working as a cab driver and a waiter/cook at Nicolas’ Restaurant on Grand Ave. He has made a modest living, and they live in Gresham where they rent a 3 bedroom apartment. Mohmar has been trying to make himself and his wife Fatima American citizens. It’s a long drawn out process. Not only is it time consuming, but it is also expensive- the cost of the forms, the citizenship classes and the emigration lawyers. Mohmar was forced to work extra shifts as a cabby in order to make ends meet.

It was such a night that Aziz was Embraced. It was most brutal. He picked up a fare from the international terminal, and brought. When Mohmar reached back to accept payment for the fare his arm was roughly grabbed,and he was bitten. The sensation of the Embrace was very pleasurable, but then he felt everything go black and cold. He was suddenly awake with a burning sensation in his throat. To his horror he was drinking the blood from his fare. Mohmar knew that everything was not alright. For one thing he could no longer feel his heart beat,and his senses were different-sharper. He was so hungry it hurt. He somehow managed to clear his head and spoke to the fare who introduced himself as Sean They hunted and found someone else to to drink from.

Afterwards, Sean, his sire, instructed Momar to drive him places. First they went to Dante’s Nightclub then to a concert hall. Mohmar was left alone while his sire Sean went inside to take care of some business. During that time, Mohmar assessed his new situation. He had become a monster. He found himself looking at the passing pedestrians carnivorously. What was he going to do about his wife and children? Sean promised to take care of them, but he could not allow the monster who had made him a monster anywhere near his family. Mohmar felt a burning hate for the thing that did this to him. There was no way he was going to hang around and wait to see what other horrible thing could happen to him. Almost without thinking he killed a club kid and drained him dry after he abandoned his cab.

Mohmar Aziz is a rank fledgling. He knows nothing except that he hates Sean and wants to kill him. He also knows he must have blood to survive and that he must protect Fatima and his children. He wants to get them as far away as possible from himself and the monster Sean.

Mohmar Aziz is about 5’10" and handsome-rather slender with dark eyes. He has a very heavy Arabic accent and he is a devout Muslim who prays throughout the day; though he is unsure if in his present state he will be allowed into paradise. Mohmar Aziz’s motivations and goals are ephemeral. He wants first and foremost protect his family. He hates Sean and wants to kill him, but he has no idea how he will do this. He will have to learn everything by trial and error. He also needs to learn as much as he can about what he is. Mohmar has recently became an acknowledged kindred. His Sire confessed his indiscretion to Natascha’s court.

Recently Mohmar has felt that something has happened to his hated sire. He’s not sure what , but he gets the feeling that seeking vengeance on him is no longer necessary.

Mohmar Aziz

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