Lynne Carter

A Cold Hearted Primogen of Clan Tremere


Name:Lynn Carter
Chronicle:Portland By Night
(Initiate of the Second Circle)
Generation:8th up from 9th via Diablerie
Haven: Portland Tremere Chantry


Lynn Carter suffered complete amnesia during her embrace. At this point she knows that she once lived in Salem and prefers females over males. What else happened previous to Lynn Carter’s embrace remains a gray haze which is making her retention of humanity difficult at best.

Blood Bonds/Viniculi Ratings
To Lynn
3/3 Allison Artzman Ghoul Cancer patient Office Manager
3/3 Anita Mendez aka Angel Ghoul Hooker
3/3 Sabine Stahl Ghoul Austrian Prostitute
1/3 (fading) Peter Dixon ex soldier parapalegic at Mt. Sainai Hospital, Chicago
1/3 Joshua Morton 10th gen Tremere (Childe)

on Lynn
2/3 to Clan Tremere

Lynne Carter

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