Kyle Forbensen

A Brujah who is Part of Stalest Coursain's Entourage


Name: Kyle Forbensen
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland at the End of All Things
Nature: Curmudgeon
Demeanor: Deviant
Concept Radical Brujah
Clan: Brujah
Sire: Susan Durango

Age: 91
Apparent Age:29
DOB 6.12.1917
RIP; 8.9.1946
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Dutch, English
Weight:188 pounds
Sex: Male


Kyle Forbensen was always a rebel and a troublemaker. He was a union agitator on the docks of Seattle, and was Embraced by the Anarchs to aid in their bid for power. As a neonate he and his coterie went up against the nosferatu Justicar Petrodon, and his Archons. He and his coterie was nearly wiped out and scattered like cockroaches to different cities thoughout North America. Kyle Forbensen went north and ended up in Vancouver British Columbia, where he faced the rigid rule of Prince Siegfried.

When he arrived in Vancouver, he wqs still a na├»ve neonate. Stalest Coursain recognizing the young Brujah’s potential set about seducing him. Kyle fell head over heels in love with her. Stalest reinforced this feeling by blood binding him completely. The vampires of Vancouver were aware of this connection, but since moving to Portland, this connection is known only to Stalest, Kyle the Caitiff Tabitha Knowles, and Neil Stalest’s childe who is also Blood Bound to the Ventrue elder. Yet if anyone spends enough time around either Stalest or Kyle the connection becomes quite obvious.

Stalest has instructed Kyle to take over the Primogenship of the Brujah clan, in order to give her more leverage in her own bid for power. Stalest has instructed him to do this by any means necessary whether it is discrediting him, or failing in that, subtly removing him.

Roleplaying: Kyle is boisterous, loud and intimidating. Kyle is a socialist, so he will be all about gaining influence with the various labor unions, so as “to stick it to the man.” Kyle talks a good game. He is aggressive, cynical and iconoclastic, but whenever he is in the presence of the Ventrue elder Stalest, he will turn in to something like a high school boy following her with his eyes and trying to impress her or simply follow her wherever she goes Kyle hates Neil Phillips and will say openly derogatory things about him, but not in front of Stalest. He is extremely jealous of her childe.

Image: Kyle is impressively handsome man with neatly trimmed hair and blue eyes. His muscular frame is usually clad in a a tight t-shirt and torn blue jeans, yet he is able to dress well when the occasion calls for it.

Haven: Kyle rents one of the cheap windowless apartments at the Morrison Pace apartment a couple of blocks from Pioneer square

Influence: None-He is looking into viable unions, and attempting to befriend Mohmar Aziz the Brujah fledgling in order to turn him against Chas. Kyle has his orders.

Kyle Forbensen

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