Fiona McGrath

Primogen of the Gangrel Who Runs With Lupines


Name: Fiona McGrath
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Thrill Seeker
Demeanor: Honest Abe
Concept: Rider on the Winds of Decay
Clan: Gangrel
Sire: Joaquim Valdez

Apparent Age: Late 20’s Early 30’s
Date of Birth:5-12-9-1937
RIP: 11-1-1967
Eyes: Black
Hair: Dark Brown
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Irish
Sex: Female


Fiona McGrath was born in County Cork Ireland the 12th of May 1937. In the old country, her ancestors had passed along word of humans who walked as wolves, and her grandparents and her parents kept these stories alive even after coming to the US. In Fiona’s heart, she knew they existed, but she had no way to contact them. After graduating high school, Fiona McGrath left the east coast and headed west to track them down.

Fiona took odd jobs to get by, and followed packs of wolves, hoping they would shed some light on the mystery which engulfed her being. Her journeys into the forests of the Northwest taught her much about survival, and the ways of wolves, but sadly nothing about Werewolves. As the years passed, despair began to gnaw at Fiona Macnair. At times she felt that she was getting close to finding the true loup-garou, but then she would suffer some sort of mental breakdown with no memory of what happened-Sometimes for as long as a week….She didn’t understand.

Fiona McGrath was about to give up her quest completely. She was near San Francisco just outside it in the redwoods when a man who looked more like a bear asked her to give up her search for a little while. He said that his name was Joaquim, and he told her that he could make it possible for her to run with the Werewolves. In exchange, Fiona would have to report their doings to him. It was 1967. Joaquim Embraced Fiona Macnair and made her a vampire of the Gangrel clan. She was now an enemy of the Werewolves, but her Sire instructed her in the ways of protean, so that she could transform herself into a large wolf -(a Hispo)
With her new awareness, Fiona knows now that Werewolves exist. She has learned to copy them, and hoped that they would never learn her true nature.

Fiona was presented to then Prince of San Francisco Vannevar Thomas, and was highly valued for her knowledge of the area’s lupine packs. Indeed she ran with many of them, and reported the Lupines doings to her Sire and Primogen Joaquim who,in turn, reported it to the Prince. She managed to pass as a Loup-Garou for many years, but suspicion grew among the packs of Lupines in the redwoods as the Leeches seemed to be able to anticipate their every move…A crafty Theurge using a mystical ritual discovered what Fiona McGrath actually was and howled for her head. She was in danger, so she left her beloved Redwoods and headed back into the city. When word of her got to the Bone-Gnawers and Glasswalkers of the city she headed north to Oregon where she was granted domain.

Fiona- desired no longer to be a lackey of some Primogen or Prince. She wants to control her own destiny. The Gangrel’s recent break with the Camarilla has given her an opportunity to forge her own path how and with whom she wants, and she intends to take full advantage of it. In Portland she was promised the Primogenship of the Clan and the rite of progeny with the agreement of helping in their war with the Sabbat. Fiona would like to pass on her wisdom and the ways of Riding the Winds of Decay to her childe whomever that may be. She has met with the Dux Bellorum Doctor Benton who has made good on his promises. Her goal is to find a suitable candidate to Embrace and with her childe is hoping to run with the Werewolves once again. She is planning on making the area around the Oregon Zoo her specific domain as it has not yet been claimed nor held for long when it has been claimed.

Fiona McGrath is rather short 5’3" with long dreaded dirty blonde hair and dark eyes. She is attractive, but not very stylish. She sometimes forgets to put on clothing. She has never been able to get rid of her Irish accent. She is 71 years old, but looks to be in her late 20’s. She is a no-nonsense individual, and is often blunt and direct in her conversation, more so than some are used to. When she is infiltrated the Lupines, she is very careful and circumspect. She would have no compunction in killing someone who might give her away.

Fiona McGrath

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