Emily Carson

Primogen of Clan Ventrue and Steward of the Ventrue Compound


Name: Emily Carson
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Architect
Concept: Ventrue Primogen
Clan: Ventrue
Generation: 8th
Sire: Joseph Giacomo (Deceased)

Apparent Age:28
Hair: Ash Blonde
Eyes: Grey
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: German, Irish, Scandinavian, English
Sex: Female


Emily Carson was the second daughter to a rich oil man. She had a privileged upbringing, and a fine boarding school education on the east coast and then a university education at Bryn Mawr. When she returned home ostensibly to begin a teaching career. She, instead, met Joseph Carson a rich cattle baron. Despite he being 20 years her senior ,they fell in love,and the two were quickly married.

Emily and James Carson were married only five years when her husband died suddenly of a stroke. Emily fought hard to keep the land,and went so far as riding the range with her cowboys during roundups. Although she was able to protect her interests from other competing ranchers, while causing hers to flourish; she was unable to resist clan Ventrue. At first she was ghouled by Joseph Giacomo and compelled to sign away her land to the clan. However she continued to administer it, and the profits continued to roll in. The Ventrue were so impressed with her administrative abilities, they embraced her in 1894 at the age of 30;though she looked much younger.

She spent the early part of the 20th century overseeing various aspects of industrialization. She was an integral part of the Ventrue scheme which came up with the Super Farm idea and even more money rolled in for the clan. Smaller farmers were left in the dust to be bought up by the new mega-farming industry, which was now large enough to feed the entire globe. Emily lived in Iowa City for many years, and there met Victor Krasensk at a Agri-Business symposium. He spoke to her about Golconda wherein vampires could reach a state of spiritual purity or balance so as to reign in the beast and only need to feed once a week. Victor’s ideas intrigued her.

Emily accompanied him to Spokane a few months later. In Spokane she pursued interests in a small ranch, plus the meat packing industry and the retail industry. For a time, Victor and she studied Golconda quite diligently. Emily was eventually nominated as the Primogen of Spokane and Victor became the city’s Prince. Things began to go strange by the late 80’s. Victor began to neglect his studies and practice of Golconda. He seemed distracted. Victor would continue to preach Golconda to anyone who would listen but few did any more. Emily continued on her own quest, and made some progress realizing that attaining Golconda was more involved and difficult than she imagined.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Malcolm, Victor’s consort was killed, or so that was what the story was. Coalsmoke a Sabbat Nosferatu, was blamed for it. Much later Emily found out that Victor had shared in the Viniculum and went through the creation rites becoming Sabbat himself. In fact Victor believed that he had slain Beth Malcolm and for fortuitous use of Forgetful Mind that was what Elizabeth had Victor believe while she made her escape. Victor used Coalsmoke as a patsy in the affair and had him executed. Meanwhile Elizabeth escaped along with her Toreador ally to Portland where they were to reveal Victor’s true allegiance to the world at large at La Fete Des Arts.

When the entire plot came to light, it all began to make sense-The Prince had become Sabbat. Beth Malcolm met final death in Portland and the Sabbat was finally able to overrun Spokane. The nearest stable Camarilla city was Portland where she was granted domain by Prince Olaf at the end of December 2007. Emily has decided to keep a low profile for now and make as many allies as she can. She has Olaf as a trusted ally, and has helped the interim Prince in several ways. Olaf has granted the Lloyd Center mall as her domain along with a small strip mall on 20th and Broadway plus the Galleria downtown. These also serve as her havens, and she switches often in no discernible fashion.

Emily must feed from those whom have killed. Her herd consists of a slaughter house operator, an ex convict on parole, and a humane society worker. She also has some contacts in law enforcement via Olaf and ,at times, masquerades as an appeals defense attorney in order to feed off imprisoned killers. Emily Carson is versatile in her presentation. She can look like a cowgirl or the belle of the ball if she puts her mind to it. At other times she looks like a corporate lawyer with the female version of the power suit. She is always in high style and wears the finest brands due to her access to Nordstrom’s. Emily is good looking, but not gorgeous. She has ash blonde hair and a slender build though buxom in the chest. Emily is keeping a low profile rebuilding her influence and attempting to gain both influence and status in Portland. At this point Emily’s priority is survival, but if an opportunity presents itself to gain influence and favors she will take it.

*Update: In June of 2008 Emily Carson was invited to be a Harpy at Portland. She has accepted as her hope of liberating Spokane becomes fainter and fainter. She is coming to the conclusion that Portland may have to become her new home city.

Update: Emily Carson’s bid to take over Spokane failed in a trial by combat with the Lasombra Arch-Bishop Diego Gonzalo. She returned to Portland and was elected to be Primogen of the Ventrue Clan in Portland over Genevieve DuMaurier in June of 2008. She surrendered her position as Harpy

Emily Carson

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