Chas Tessio

A Brujah Primogen With a Secret


Name: Chas Tessio
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Bravo
Demeanor: Bravo
Concept: Wise Guy
Sire: Mr. G
Generation: 12th
Haven: My Father’s Place Basement, Dante’s

Apparent Age:32
Date of Birth: April 17th 1928
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Nationality: Italian
Sex: Male


Chas Tessio was born on the 17th April 1928 in New York city to a family with a long tradition of organized crime. His father’s father was a mobster in the old country, so it was only natural that Chas would follow in his family’s footsteps. What you see in Chas is what you get. He is a gangster and mob enforcer or button-man. From an early age he enjoyed violence and its results-fear and respect. His temper was legendary even as a mortal, and for that reason, he would never make it beyond button-man or under cappo at best.

Chas had no belief in the supernatural other than what he was taught to him by the Catholic church. Hew made it a point to go every Sunday to mollify his wife and spend time with his children Christiana and Chas junior.

By the time Chas was a young man there was less use for his kind in the mob. The family was trying to legitimize themselves, and getting out of the loansharking, and emphasizing legal gambling or the very profitable illegal drug trade. Yet Don Giuseppe-an important Don was grooming Chas as his personal button-man, and bodyguard. He demanded absolute and unquestioning loyalty from his soldiers, and he constantly tested Chas. Chas hardly ever saw Don Giuseppe, only receiving the occasional order via the telephone.

But then one evening Don Giuseppe opened the door as Chas was trying to key into his own residence. He was very surprised to see him. Chas wondered why Don Giuseppe should visit him at his home? Suddenly Don Giuseppe threw him up against the wall and bit into his neck. The pain was excruciating, and when he awoke, what should be before him, but his wife his daughter and Chas junior, all tied up. Chas hungered as he never hungered before. He only remembers their screams and the laughter of Don Giuseppe and his men.

From then on, Chas has never been the same-more monster than kindred. He lost most of his humanity that night. Naturally Chas was introduced to the mob family and Tessio became a special enforcer for the Giovanni interests. He is an efficient and deadly to Giovanni enemies. Chas has worked in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and now Portland where by special arrangement with the Prince he became Primogen of the Brujah clan of Portland. Chas has an old score to settle with certain Ventrue, so he has infiltrated the Brujah clan which he is able to portray flawlessly.

Chas hates the Sabbat. They’re bad for business, and fuck up every town they inhabit for any period of time. He is happy to help eradicate Sabbat and particularly enjoys blood hunts with bestial glee. His area of influence are illegal gambling- numbers running high stakes card games and other casino games, also some drugs along with gun running with help from his Giovanni allies. He has acquired Dante’s Night Club and a small restraunt where he havens “My Father’s Place”

Politically Chas usually aligns his votes with the Gangrel and Nosferatu. He is suspicious of the Malkavian Toreador, and even the Tremere who made his stay in Portland possible but to a lesser degree. He is dead set against the Ventrue on all fronts-he loathes the Ventrue.

Chas Tessio

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